Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ingredients you can Trust!!

Perfectly Posh to the Rescue!

We all know that going back to nature is the best way... Right?  Not only with food but also with your body care.  Here is another great reason to trust what is in our amazing Posh Products. 

We strive for Quality. We use gentle ingredients.  We avoid Fillers.  We love natural butters and oils in abundance.  It's of utmost importance to us that you have a pampering experience with our products.  We WANT you to read our ingredients.  We love what we do because you Deserve to be pampered with the best ingredients around!

Find your WHY with Posh!

Monday, June 8, 2015

The June Summer Sizzle!!

Check it out.... Exclusive for the month of June. 

Snarky is one of our top selling phalate-free fragrances.  
This Body Mister is only available to those that join our pampering pursuit in June. 
It will be sure to put the Summer Sizzle into your June fun!

Have you seen the NEW business kits ??

You pick how you want to start your business.  Pick between Double the Posh and keep one for yourself and one to share or Lots of Posh and get lots of different products to try and share. 
Don't forget you get lots of business supplies, products and support from our Posh Crew team. 
We would love to have you join us. 

Feel free to contact me with questions, to try some samples or schedule a one on one.  It is my passion to share this with as many people as I can. 
I also offer a referral bonus.. 
Send a friend to me who joins and buys and get yourself some FREE POSH! 

Shaleen Ague

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Urgent Summer Deal!

Summer just got better with Posh!

It’s everything you need to get glowing! 
Our fabulous Summer Set bundle comes with a Seas the Day Chunk, Healer in a Tin, Brazilian Bombshell Skindelicious, and The “It” Girl BFYHC, all in this exclusive Posh pink beach bag!
LIMITED Quantities Available 
Act fast... on these top sellers

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week

May 4- May 8th 

When you think of a Teacher do you think of one SPECIAL PERSON? Someone that has went out of their way to make a difference in your Life or your Child's Life? Who on your Teacher list needs a little TLC? 
Pamper those Teachers with some Thanks.. 
Give them a break with some Posh love! 
A Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme for those hardworking hands, a Yummy Lip butter to pamper that pucker, a Body Scrub to relax, or SkinDelicious to soothe their skin. 
Maybe a little Pampering for those Tired Tootsies (feet)??
They make a difference so Thank them for all they do!!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Blooming into May with Posh By Shaleen

Join Perfectly Posh in May and choose from one of TWO fabulous Starter Kits—just $99 each! Each kit is valued at over $300 and contains Posh product and business tools to get you started upon arrival. Also, you'll get The Ritual—an exclusive face mask just for Consultants!


Featuring 2 of several best-selling products — One for you, and one for your business.

– or –

A kit packed with as many new and best-selling products as we could round up!


PLUS! A BFF and Night & Day Travel Set for both you and your Sponsor when you join!
Join the Pampering Pursuit today and get started!

Our Team Posh Crew would love to Welcome you and support you in getting started this month! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's Earth Day! We here at Perfectly Posh do our part by

 using naturally based, eco-friendly ingredients. All of our 

products are cruelty free, and sustainably grown. How do 

you show your love for the planet?

Friday, April 17, 2015

Poshyourself... the road to passion and health!

You know you are devoted and believe in a company when your wrap your vehicle  to let others know how much you love your business!  Sharing my passion and love for my business Poshyourself!  
I would love to help you start your own pampering pursuit!  Join me today and grow with team #poshcrew!

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