Thursday, January 15, 2015

Starts today ( Jan. 15th)!!   Here is a write up from our CEO Ann Dalton!!  It is good and if you love to be informed you will love this. 
This was the first product I ever tried with Posh and I am stoked to have it back in my hands.  ****Softer then the healer stick but same properties and goodness.

What IS the very first Posh product? It was 100% healing, fabulous shea butter, with just a touch of essential oil and natural fragrance. That’s it - the first one. It’s the Healer. It took a few months to talk our ATTORNEY into that (you can’t claim it’s “THE HEALER” what is the liability?!), but it was just too much goodness, and it really was a healer - and I didn’t let up. She and I made some compromises, and viola! Once The Healer was established and in my hands, it seemed like there just weren’t enough places to put this fabulous product.
I have battled dry SKIN my WHOLE life, and not too long before I started really rolling along this whole Posh concept, I had discovered the miracle shea butter is. I soon discovered it was good for just about anything you can think of.
I have a son who’s dealt with a little bit of ECZEMA his whole life. I put a little on a spot on his forearm and Bam - cleared it up. Gone. Next, I tried it on a burn (turns out swapping trays of hot cookies around on oven racks while talking on the phone at the same time is trickier than you might expect) - instantly much relieved. Gone in a day or two. No stinging burn. No scar. Pretty soon, I felt like that dad with the Windex on “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” - I can put that stuff on EVERYTHING: lips, abrasions, I’m rubbing it around in my hair... Fast-forward a few years and now we have this army of thousands of us whipping out our Healers to aid all that is wrong with the universe. Our own, natural “Windex”. Shea butter is a miraculous phenomenon!
It’s been used for thousands of years for just about anything and everything you can think of. It hails from the savannah of Western Africa. It’s name means sacred. That gives you a little bit of an idea of just how much shea butter is revered. It really is one of Nature’s wonders. Many African cultures use it for everything: medicine, cooking, cleaning, hair treatments, SUN PROTECTION, and much more. It’s also remarkable to note that the shea tree doesn’t flower until it’s at least 20 years old, and it can live up to 200 years. It was traditionally women who harvested, crushed, and boiled the nuts to extract the butter. It’s like it’s been our job to share this miracle for centuries.
The properties that we love shea butter for at Posh are almost uncountable. It’s loaded inUNSATURATED FATS, vitamins, and allantoin. It’s SKIN’s “super-food”. Just a few of it’s best benefits and uses for SKIN and hair include:
scar repairing
deep moisturizing
skin strengthening
skin protecting
UV protecting
SKIN regenerating
collagen production stimulating
minor cuts and burns healing
muscle ache healing
non-pore clogging
extremely gentle
calming and anti-irritant
insect bites
plants contact dermatitis
skin cracks
minor cuts
You’ll notice just how fond of shea butter Perfectly Posh is. The Healer is our strongest seller, but it’s in just about everything we sell. Because your skin loves it, your hair loves it -- all of you LOVES it, we make sure it’s in our products in abundance. We use the most responsibly-sourced suppliers to get us the cream of the crop. It’s refined with a very careful, gentle, and nutrient-preserving process. We refine with fine mesh screens, and usually no heat. It’s always done completely without chemicals so that you know you’re getting the safest, gentlest and most nourishing butter possible. It’s softened and cleaned to keep it stable so you can carry it around with you easily no matter where you go. The process preserves the highly-effective bionutrients. You’ll feel the difference every time you use it. Whether you’re applying lovin’ to your lips, dabbing a bit on a dry elbow, or diving into a jar of butter, you can’t beat the good that shea butter does. It truly is a miracle of nature. Bring it on. I love telling everyone now: I used to have really dry skin. Shea butter is a big reason I can say “I used to.” Butter me up, baby

Now who wants one??? 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

SPRING POSH PAPER... Coming Feb. 6th!!

Perfectly Posh is gearing up for a new catalog and... I'm needing some friends who can test some Posh products for me! It's super easy, I need you to try some products and tell me what you think. I will give you a bunch of samples, you fill out my questionnaire, then I give you a free product for helping and you get the option to buy some products at a discount.

I will deliver or mail everything to you! Who's in?!?!
Contact me today!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

We officially hit a huge milestone today!!  Our Posh Crew company hit 1500 consultants before 2015!!  These ladies are ready to rock out the NEW YEAR and show women how to be their own business owners!  Yes, we can be a MOM and own our own business.  Yes, we can pamper ourselves with the same products we sell!  Why? BECAUSE we are Proud to Wear and Share our great products. 
This is going to be an epic year of greatness.
Perfectly Posh by Shaleen Ague 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

LAST two days of the $49.00 business kit. If you have thought about joining us Perfectly Posh  and the $49.00 is doable for your budget please make sure to take advantage today or tomorrow. The choose your kit special is GONE after this month Ends after Dec. 31st!
Let me help you get started... 

  • We are not a pharmacy.
  • We are not offering to do your laundry.
  • We are not your mother.
  • We can’t bring world peace.
  • We can’t give you that day off you deserve.

We can bring you a few moments of escape. With the BEST ingredients and most creative products on the planet. We give you pampering because you can have a moment with Perfectly Posh.
You deserve to be pampered. Then you can take on the world with a smile.
Join our Pampering Pursuit today! 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

If 3 years ago someone would have told me I would have a wonderful team of girls that 
spread across the WHOLE USA.. 

I would have told them to SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!! 


But it is true! I have the pleasure to be blessed with 1400 beautiful, talented ladies that
share my passion and drive for  Perfectly Posh!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dec. 2 Perfectly Posh

Grab this awesome Deal for Today ONLY..   Dec. 2nd!!

Get both for $22.00 and FREE SHIPPING!! Pamper your hands and lips during this cold winter can throw at you.

Hey, Honey Healing Hand Creme  $11.00 Normally ($14.00)

Lip Scrubs- Zipsy (floral), Make out Magic (grapefruit/vanilla), Tree Hugger (brown sugar), Oh, Peaches (peach)  Now on sale for $11.00 normally $14.00

Don't forget to bundle for your BUY 5 get 1 Free!!

If you are still looking for a steal for Christmas and want to grab  some great gifts for anyone on your list then don't search any more.  Listed above are 16 days of specials that you can pick and choose what fits for your gift giving needs or yourself...  We all know we deserve to be pampered.

Don't forget that you can take advantage of the bundle of BUY 5 get 1 Free and we have FREE SHIPPING until Dec. 6th.  So many ways to get what you need at the price you need.  I am happy to help in any way I can or you can go on-line at

Shaleen Ague, Your Posh Lady

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