Are you sick of a too many complicated skin routines?

Are you avoiding starting a skin care regime because it takes too much time?

Are you spending too much time dealing with your skin instead of caring for your skin?

Check Simple Skin out  this week

Feb. 5-9th

No fuss Skin Care Routine!

This week on

We are focused on our NEW Simple Skin!
3 new products that can fit into your lifestyle simply and easily!

We will talk about…
Show Off- Foaming Face Cleanser
Set the Tone- facial toner
Gel Yes!- Moisturizer

No matter if you are a busy MOM, new to skin care or just looking for something easy, you will find that SIMPLE SKIN, is simple, easy and affordable.

Stop by my business page at as we share Simple Skin week!
Please ask questions!! Ur Posh Lady is here to help!

The Month in a glance!


Don’t take my word for it! This tester will tell you just what she thinks! This is a month long review of Show Off and Meegan is checking in mid-way!



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Posh Yourself Guide to Gifting

Posh is the GIFT that Keeps on GIVING!

I know the holiday season is crazy and you have so many people on your list. Have you checked it twice?

Gifting is my passion in this blog post to not only share some fun ideas but also offer up my services to help make your Holiday season more pampered.

My passion as a Ind. Perfectly Posh consultant is to provide you with affordable pampering you can be proud to wear and share. Don’t let this season run away without enjoying the things that really matter.. Friends, Family, and Food.

Posh Yourself TOP GUIDE for Giving

Make sure to always set a budget with your gift giving.   Don’t let others determine your spending.  Make sure in all Holiday gift exchanges you all agree on how much to spend.

It is easy to have a budget and add little things to make that gift look amazing.  Don’t stress with a $5- 10 budget.   I can cover that with lots of pampering love.

PLUS, if you have a budget of $25.00 you can get anything in our Perfectly Posh Catalog!!  Everything is $25.00 and under!

Pick a Fun Theme to your gift!

When you think of that person what do you think of?  If it is a group exchange, theme it on something that will appeal to anyone in the group.   Fun themes that everyone will love make a group exchange less stressful.

Theme Party Idea- I love the idea of sharing your favorite things!.  Each person brings 3 gifts and that gift is something they LOVE.  During the gift exchange you pull names and you give your 3 favorite things and receive 3 things that are your Friends Favorite!

Fun, Heart Felt Gifts

If your gift is for someone you know well , think of the things she or he loves!  It is easy to dress a fun gift up with items like coffee cups, cocoa, candy, or gloves to make something feel heart felt and fun.



At Posh we take pride in our fun names and unique pampering products.  Why not share a Where you BEAN All MY LIFE coffee bath bar with our FRESH CREAMY MILK body butter?  You can dress it up with a fun coffee cup and a simple stir stick.   The play on names and themes can make any gift feel heart felt and fun!


Giving your TIME

Sometimes people just need some free time!  Consider hosting a girls night in as a gift to your besties.  This not only gets them out and about for a relaxing night but allows them to be pampered with all the Posh Products.   Give your time and open your home to a fun themed night or morning of MARGS and MASKS, BAD Mommies night out, or Rest, Relax and Recharge night in. 


Good things can come in SMALL PACKAGES

Big bows, big packages, big price tags doesn’t always mean special.  With Perfectly Posh and my packaging ideas you can make a small package look amazing.

During these cold Winter months I can tell you a Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream can be the best gift around.  Not only does it hydrate without the greasy feel but it is travel safe.  So if you have family traveling for the Christmas season you can give them a gift that keeps giving and is travel safe.


Perfectly Posh is the perfect way to just say THANKS.   I can think of so many people that deserve to be thanked for all their hard work.  Christmas is a perfect time to do that!   Teachers, Day Care Providers, Bus Drivers, Sunday school teachers, and co-workers are just some of the ones that come to mind.

I love that a simple TAG such as  Hands Down your the best around!!  How about Merry (Kiss)mas, Or Just Soap’n you have a Merry Christmas.   A simple tag on these amazing products will say THANKS time and time again.

Make a List and Check it Twice

Posh Yourself is here!  Go ahead check that list twice!  I can promise you we have the items you will need no matter who is on your list.   Last minute needs??  I have you covered.  Check out my video on making your own towel gift basket.


My goal is to share with you ideas, gift options and  Posh serve that you will feel pampered along the way.   Take an idea, Share an Idea, or message me to help you with your list!  Posh offers all that you need at $25.00 and under!

Here is the direct link to my album of ideas and gifts.  All gifts are customizable to the budget and items you page!

Posh Gift Giving Made Easy

It is a gift that keeps giving all year round!

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Winter Wonderland Skin with our Bubble Mask

The weather outside is frightful but our skin in here is delightful!


WINTER WONDERLAND SKIN with our Bubble Mask!


Check it out, two of our NEW Winter facial products.
These exclusive products are here for a limited Time only!! Don’t just take my word for it!! Both of these products have been kid tested and kid approved! They loved them!

Love Snow Much– features a unique formula with bubbles that moisturize and brighten for radiant and even looking complexion. This refreshing bubble mask is fragranced with fresh, wild mint!  TO DIE FOR!

Who is it for?

If you suffer from…
Dull looking skin
Dry Skin
Dark spots
Uneven skin tone
Aging skin
Fine lines

The Love Snow Much mask comes out as a clear gel and bubbles up into a nice thick, light weight foam! It has an amazing looking, refreshing tingle, thanks to the refreshing wild mint oil. As it sits, the tiny bubbles gently pop, leaving a wonderful hydration layer of glycerin infused with B3 and C, plus licorice root extract.

make sure to Follow this 02 Mask with…

Snow and Tell– a soothing moisturizer that helps to brighten your complexion.

Do you suffer from?
Dehydrated skin
Fine lines
Dark spots
Uneven skin tone
Rough Skin Texture
Dull complexion

This combination is perfect for you!
Snow and Tell has a light feel on the skin and comparable to our Moisture 911 in our core catalog. Peppermint oil in this moisturizer helps the skin feel smooth and refreshed.
Snow and Tell absorbs quickly, leaving a soft and supple finish with a deep hydration.

Love Snow Much and Snow and Tell will be a must for any stocking this year! Don’t let the Winter skin get you down. Get your own bubble mask today and share your Santa face with us! Make sure to tag #poshyourself when you share!

KID TESTED and KID Approved!

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Introducing.. VIAL by Perfectly Posh!

I am so excited to announce that VIAL by Perfectly Posh is now available!

Meet Vial the new Hydro locking Technology for your lips.

Vial is Stain without Shame!  We are sharing  the first green chemistry, long-lasting lip wear around.  Vial features fierce color without the unnatural ingredients that can dry, damage, and even burn your lips. This technology makes this the perfect lip stain for dance teams, moms, and every busy women.

What do I love about  our new long lasting lip color?  I can feel confident using this product day in and day out with ingredients I can name and a feel that is pampering.  No matter if I am hanging around the house or out and about I can feel confident and pampered.


What is Green Chemistry, you ask???

Green chemistry gives you a more natural choice, with ingredients names you can pronounce. The Natural fermentation makes this lip stain wear, last longer and nourish better than other products. This simple two-step hydro locking Vial lip system lets you have FIERCE, long lasting color that won’t burn, dry, crack or whip your lips!



Vial Science





Now available to customers on my site at http://www,

Starter kit is $49.00 and includes

1 Primer, 1 color, 1 gloss


1 Primer, 2 colors

You get to pick!  Also, make sure to connect to my Facebook VIP page  so that you will know when our new colors are launched.  You can expect seasonal colors and special additions every 2-8 weeks.   So get connected at

Vial Colors

Tips and Tricks on using Vial

Vial Tips and Tricks

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Turtle Bay Perfectly Posh Platinum Trip 2017

Perfectly Posh Platinum Trip 2017



What an amazing time with amazing leaders at the Posh Platinum Trip!  Not only did I get to celebrate my 40th Birthday in Hawaii but I  was so blessed to share this trip with my best friend and husband Josh.

Josh and I spent the week enjoying each others company and networking with other Perfectly Posh Platinums and their husbands.  Our annual Perfectly Posh Platinum Trip is always full of fun and a splash of meetings to help grow the best company together.

I would have never imagined that my Perfectly Posh business could do so much for me and my family.  This is a business I look forward to sharing this opportunity with everyone.   We all deserved to enjoy and celebrate our hard work!

Thank you Perfectly Posh for blessing my life in so many ways!  Cheers to another amazing year!   Happy 6th Birthday Perfectly Posh!




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