Be Mom prepared with Perfectly Posh

Always be ready for anything!
You know those Moms that have it all together?  The ones that have snacks packed, extra wipes ready and their purse is a never ending fix all for anything. Well let me tell you ladies I am here to help! Check out our Skin Sticks!! No more will you feel like you miss the boat!  Perfectly Posh by Shaleen Ague has you covered with everything from damaged skin, to bug bites, to colds while even taking care of your own stressed out damaged skin! These skin sticks by Perfectly Posh are my life saver and the reason I am no longer THAT MOM who is never prepared! I carry these bad boys with me everywhere !

“And YES, I have something for that!” said Me


Which ones do you love?

The Healer calm and soothe dry, damaged or irritated skin
Sleepy, Sleep Stick– Helps calm and soothe
PurifierNatural insect repellant and relieves bug itching from bites and stings
As Good as Gold– add radiance and energy to skin and preserve youthful skin
Flower Child Helps hydrate, plump and help tired dull skin.
Perk Stick- headache and stress relief by relieving tension and tightness
The Immunator Stick– helps hydrate skin and support your body’s natural defenses

If any of these hashtags describe your MOM life… I have you covered!

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We have you covered and Mom prepared with Perfectly Posh!

#poshyourself today!


Posh Hacks- Save Money and Tip with these Tips


When you need to get the last out of your tube of BFF or lotion.

Get every use out of those TUBES when you use these tips and save every last drop!

When you are in need of travel size bar soaps with good ingredients.

Need a bar soap in each bathroom, traveling but the BIG bar is too much? Check out these Posh Hacks!

Love yourself some SNARKY bar but hate when it gets left in a pile of water?

Let me who you hot to save those Snarky bars!

NEVER FAIL… Shaleen Ur Posh Lady is here to help you with some great Posh Hacks with several of our amazing products.

These easy  Perfectly Posh Hacks will help you save money, get the last drop of your amazing products and customize them to fit your lifestyle and needs.

Share with me your beauty or Posh Hacks today!  I can’t wait to hear them! Like and share if these tips helped you!

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Business Lesson I learned from my Dog!

How many times in your life do you work towards a goal, or work hard to achieve something to only fall flat on your face?   What about the times  you may not fall flat on your face but you are no closer than you were the first time you tried?   UGH, Right?

Business, life and many of the things we run into in life can all challenge us in many ways.  It is how you deal with it that will make the difference.   Just this last Sunday I caught this video of my dog, Millie!!

She was faced with a challenge!  Something she really, really wanted but she couldn’t get it in the door, no one was going to help her and every way she tried she failed.   Did she give up?

No!!  She kept at it!    Persistence always Prevails!   It is not always easy, it doesn’t always work out but if you keep trying you will either learn a lesson or finally get the reward!

  If you fail once, try again! PERSISTENCE always PREVAILS!

Beauty Time Saver with our Perfectly Posh Snarky Bar

This week until Saturday April 15th you can grab this amazing Sweet Breeze Snarky Bar for only $15.00 (

Just like the fresh Spring air with a slight sweet floral smell this amazing scrubby bar will be amazing to hydrate and refresh your Winter Skin.
Suffer from Keratosis Pilaris or otherwise known as “Chicken Skin” ? This bar has saved me from those embarrassing bumps on the back of my arms. Just a daily scrub with this bar to turn over those skin cells while hydrating at the same time with shea butter!  Super Easy and Super Simple!

This is a recommended beauty time saver for sure!  One bar and so many purposes.  Even exfoliate your feet with this amazing bar.

Naturally exfoliating sugar beads and loofah thoroughly remove dead skin, while simultaneously moisturizing with shea butter and lime essential oil. Scented with sugar cane and citrus, this Snarky Bar makes smooth skin a breeze. Rub over skin in the shower or bath. Rinse thoroughly and follow with moisturizer. Not recommended for face.  (from our Perfectly Posh website)

Want to try a sample? Message me today and make sure to check it out on-line as we offer different fragrances!

Throwing Shades NEW SUNSCREEN by Perfectly Posh



Spring has Sprung and our NEW THROWING SHADES Sunscreen is now available.

If you have sunscreen sensitivity, want to protect your face, keep your face youthful, and avoid facial discoloration (melasma) this is the perfect blend to help.

Sunscreen is a must and this one is top notch.
This mineral-based zinc and titanium dioxide is SPF 30 that is perfect for even the most sensitive skin. YES, That is me!!

This broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen contains time released oleosomes for time-released moisture that lasts. This moisture sunscreen is also WATER-PROOF for even the most active. Apply it in the morning and feel protected all day long. No heavy, thick sunscreen under your make-up.

Apply daily and help your skin stay youthful and protected all day!
I am so excited to protect my face moving forward with Perfectly Posh.

Fight the signs of aging and cancer causing rays with your daily does of Throwing Shades!

Just what the doctor ordered :0