Beauty Time Saver with our Perfectly Posh Snarky Bar

This week until Saturday April 15th you can grab this amazing Sweet Breeze Snarky Bar for only $15.00 (

Just like the fresh Spring air with a slight sweet floral smell this amazing scrubby bar will be amazing to hydrate and refresh your Winter Skin.
Suffer from Keratosis Pilaris or otherwise known as “Chicken Skin” ? This bar has saved me from those embarrassing bumps on the back of my arms. Just a daily scrub with this bar to turn over those skin cells while hydrating at the same time with shea butter!  Super Easy and Super Simple!

This is a recommended beauty time saver for sure!  One bar and so many purposes.  Even exfoliate your feet with this amazing bar.

Naturally exfoliating sugar beads and loofah thoroughly remove dead skin, while simultaneously moisturizing with shea butter and lime essential oil. Scented with sugar cane and citrus, this Snarky Bar makes smooth skin a breeze. Rub over skin in the shower or bath. Rinse thoroughly and follow with moisturizer. Not recommended for face.  (from our Perfectly Posh website)

Want to try a sample? Message me today and make sure to check it out on-line as we offer different fragrances!

Throwing Shades NEW SUNSCREEN by Perfectly Posh



Spring has Sprung and our NEW THROWING SHADES Sunscreen is now available.

If you have sunscreen sensitivity, want to protect your face, keep your face youthful, and avoid facial discoloration (melasma) this is the perfect blend to help.

Sunscreen is a must and this one is top notch.
This mineral-based zinc and titanium dioxide is SPF 30 that is perfect for even the most sensitive skin. YES, That is me!!

This broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen contains time released oleosomes for time-released moisture that lasts. This moisture sunscreen is also WATER-PROOF for even the most active. Apply it in the morning and feel protected all day long. No heavy, thick sunscreen under your make-up.

Apply daily and help your skin stay youthful and protected all day!
I am so excited to protect my face moving forward with Perfectly Posh.

Fight the signs of aging and cancer causing rays with your daily does of Throwing Shades!

Just what the doctor ordered :0


Part 2 of How to Prep for a Home Party

Time to tackle Part 2- How to Prep for a Home Party

Part two is just as important as part one!! You have to make sure you are ready and have the things you need to share Posh without bringing your whole house.

Try to keep everything to ONE TRIP in!! This video will share some tips and tricks to keep your life and your hostess pampered!
With that said, I do bring towels and wash cloths to my spa retreats and this is totally optional. My focus it to pamper the hostess and not leave her with loads of laundry to do.

Table set-ups should be simple and there is not need to make a huge display. You want to get product on people not have them look at your set-up.

I hope these tips help you feel more confident and comfortable with your next home spa!

Remember check in with your hostess and find out space she has, products she is excited to try and customize the experience to her pampering requests.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!!

UR POSH LADY, Shaleen Ague

Part 1 How to Prep for a Home Party

One of my favorite parts of being a leader is teaching and sharing with my team.  What you will also notice is that you will always get great tips and the real ME!!

Today’s blog post will help you learn more about how to prop for a home party but also what the real life of an Independent consultant can be like 🙂

Part One-

One of the most important steps to the Home Spa is the PREP before hand. You want to make sure you are ready and have the needed materials to show case your products.
Being organized will go far to help your customers and hostesses take you seriously. Lapboards are a perfect way to keep all your material and information in one spot.

In this video you will learn
1. What is a lap board and how you can create your own.
2. Why would I use a lap board at my home spa
3. What do I include in my lap board.

Enjoy the nuggets of knowledge along with my crazy life with dogs! Don’t mind the running after the dogs at the start!


Check out Blog Post Two for Part Two


Best Chillin’ Stick EVER !

Monday Product Review Live with our Just Chillin’ stick
This is one of my PICK 6 in our New Spring/Summer Catalog! So that means I would recommend everyone grab one of these bad boys.

What is the Just Chillin’ Stick?
This Giant Stick is a Cooling Stick!
Loaded with Peppermint oil, caffeine, cucumber, and aloe!
Great for soreness, and swelling, to reduce inflammation, slow blood flow and reduce pain. You can cool a sunburn and other minor irritations with this amazing stick.
HOT FLASHES… CHILL with the Chillin’ stick
Headache…. Chill it out with the Chillin’ stick.
This multi-purpose stick will be sure to help you make it through the toughest of days!
Check it out..

From our website..
Have a muscle injury, soreness, and swelling? This light formula feels instantly cool on your skin with peppermint oil and menthol, while aloe vera adds a soothing sensation. Caffeine and cucumber have a tightening effect, which can help reduce circulation locally and subsequently reduce pain. This giant Skin Stick is also great for minor skin irritations like sunburns and tension-tightened necks. Glide over achy muscles and massage in for a cooling, soothing sensation.