Perfectly Posh Goes Bath Bombs!

Perfectly Posh Goes Bath Bombs!

Check out the NEW Perfectly Posh Line extension called FIZI!
What is Fizi?  Fizi is a decadent line of bath bombs from Perfectly Posh.

Live Fizi Unboxing by Perfectly Posh

In this unboxing you will see all the wonderful fragrances that I will have available to my customers. With the help of my kids you also get a sense of what they like and don’t like out of the Fizi fragrances. Straight from the kids mouth, with no filter.

“Let them Take Baths!”

What is a FIZI?

A Fizi or some call them bath bomb, is just right for a single use bath without breaking. them into bath bomb bagparts. This 1.5 oz bath bomb comes in a variety of fragrances and perfectly mixes with our bubble up mix’d -ups or other mix’d-up effect on-line.
Each Fizi contains similar naturally based ingredients and varies by fragrance. Think Coconut oil, Canola oil, Shea butter and so much more.

What makes our Fizi’s Special??
The Great Salt lake , located in Utah, is the only significant source of magnesium in the entire western hemisphere. It is also where Perfectly Posh is founded!! This salt concentration is up to 10 times greater than the ocean, and a history that is millions of years old. So why not pick this for our Fizi line!!!  I challenge you to try and compare with other bath bombs!

Great Salt Lake, Salts
These salts are loaded with mineral-rich micronutrients. Magnesium is particularly fantastic to soak in because it:

1. Acts as a natural humectant, helping to draw in moisture while you soak
2. Has been known to break apart fats and oils allowing your skin to breathe
3. Helps you achieve a clearer, more even skin tone free of redness and blemishes
4. Provides skin conditioning and moisturizing benefits
5.Can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Why Great Salt Lake?



The benefits of bathing are absolutely amazing and I want to provide you with amazing service, fun gifts and a chance to take some me time for yourself with my new Fizi line! Now available from PoshYourself!




Fragrances will vary so check in often at-

Fragrances will vary all Winter Long!

Please note– Since Fizi is a line extension it is not available from all consultants. Make sure to connect so you have access to all these great fragrances all Winter long.

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Make sure to comment and tell me which scents make you excited to try Fizi!?

Connect with me to stay up to date on all the amazing things going on at Perfectly Posh, plus new fragrances. Never forget this business is for anyone that loves to share!

PoshYourself!  Let them take Baths!


Fun Giveaway with Perfectly Posh by Shaleen

Fun Ideas for Giveaways, Perfectly Posh by Shaleen


If you are here to find ideas or want to be a part of this fun giveaway for July 2017, listen to all the fun going down on Shaleen’s VIP Posh Group.

This is a great idea for anyone in the direct sales industry or running an on-line based business.

We all know we love giveaways and fun games where you can WIN goodies!!


Fill the Bucket- Build a Snowman but I call it build a Sandman!

First, start with one sand bucket (see video)

To get the party started I added 2 Perfectly Posh Products and a Perfectly Posh keychain .

In addition, for Each order placed on my on-line site ( under the event- (Fill the Bucket – Build a Sandman) , you will get one entry into winning the full bucket at the end of the month.

Each order will get another product added into bucket.  The bucket continues to grow with Perfectly Posh products. This giveaway will grow all month long with one WINNER drawn out on July 30th.  WHOOP! WHOOP!

How To Add Extra Goodies?

When the party reaches $500 I will add a pink beach tote

at  $1,000 a  Perfectly Posh logo beach towel.

The bucket keeps growing with  Perfectly Posh products with each purchase.

 Stay connected for extras because I will be  running incentives all month long.


In addition, if you are building a business- What a fun way to celebrate your VIP’s, do a fun giveaway and share your excitement of your business with others. Try the FILL THE BUCKET GIVEAWAY!

Examples- Extra names in the bucket , Free Shipping, Double pampering in the bucket,  Posh Buckets for each purchase into the bucket.

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Perfectly Posh Takes Greece 2017 Incentive Trip #PoshYourself

How do you recap 10 days of amazing sights, great friends and top notch excursions? You celebrate with a video clip sharing some of the best moments.

Pictures say it BEST!

Perfectly Posh has blessed me in so many ways and getting the chance to go on our Posh take Greece Incentive Trip 2017 was another amazing memory!

From boarding the Azamara Quest cruise Ship in Athens I enjoyed daytime touring and excursions in different cities and night time fun with the fellow Posh ladies on board this beautiful ship. Here is a run down of my amazing journey as I boarded the Azamara Quest in Athens, Greece!

Video clip highlights include-

Patmos Greece- Beach day excursion for sun, fun and relaxation. What a perfect way to kick off a vacation!

Kusadasi, Turkey with the amazing Ephesus tour and Turkish rug experience. We got the chance to also experience authentic Turkish food and culture during this all day tour as a group.

The walking tour of the Old City Chania, Crete, Greece shared lots of history, beautiful art and shopping of course! What we do best when a bunch of ladies get together!

Santorini included a donkey ride to the top!! (the best in my book) Shopping, Greek food and an amazing night on our DINNER CRUISE to see the hot springs, walk the volcano and eat a special dinner while catching the amazing views of Santorini!

Last day was Mykonos, Greece where we spent the day at the most beautiful beach and enjoyed some drinks (cold coffee my new found favorite) and sunshine.

Our farewell dinner captured everything with picture clips shared from Perfectly Posh Home office to recap the last 10 days of friendship, fun and memories.

These are memories and experiences to treasure forever!  I learned so much about the history,  culture,  food, and my other fellow Posh friends.  Looking back, Santorini was one of my favorite days followed by Kusadasi, Turkey / Ephesus Tour.

Thank you Perfectly Posh for this experience and checking off another  item on my BUCKET LIST!

Enjoy some fun photos of my 10 Day Posh Takes Greece Incentive Trip 2017 .

If you are on facebook feel free to search the hashtag #poshyourself to view other photos and fun


Greece here I Come! Working to WIN with Posh! This Could be You!

Thank you to all my loyal customers, my amazing team and all of the support I have gotten during this incentive journey!   I am proud to announce that I will be taking off to GREECE on June 19th to the 28th on an all expense paid vacation.

Greece with Posh

Not only do I get to go to Greece but I also get to enjoy networking with other amazing hard working women!   If you love to travel and are not afraid to work hard for what you want I WOULD  Love to help you get started.

Why Do Posh?

We all start for different reasons- Travel, FUN, pay off Debt, have a hobby, be a part of the  sisterhood, ownership of your own business, get out of a job, stay home with your children!  The reasons go on and on!  What is stopping you from taking the leap?

9 reasons to start

I want you to be able to live your dreams and fill those BUCKETS…. You know you have a BUCKET LIST of things you are excited to do ! Next time it will be you in Greece!

Take the leap and join our Amazing Crew!  The Posh Crew!

Stay tuned for travel pictures!

Be Mom prepared with Perfectly Posh

Always be ready for anything!
You know those Moms that have it all together?  The ones that have snacks packed, extra wipes ready and their purse is a never ending fix all for anything. Well let me tell you ladies I am here to help! Check out our Skin Sticks!! No more will you feel like you miss the boat!  Perfectly Posh by Shaleen Ague has you covered with everything from damaged skin, to bug bites, to colds while even taking care of your own stressed out damaged skin! These skin sticks by Perfectly Posh are my life saver and the reason I am no longer THAT MOM who is never prepared! I carry these bad boys with me everywhere !

“And YES, I have something for that!” said Me

Be Mom Prepared with Perfectly Posh


Which ones do you love?

The Healer calm and soothe dry, damaged or irritated skin
Sleepy, Sleep Stick– Helps calm and soothe
PurifierNatural insect repellant and relieves bug itching from bites and stings
As Good as Gold– add radiance and energy to skin and preserve youthful skin
Flower Child Helps hydrate, plump and help tired dull skin.
Perk Stick- headache and stress relief by relieving tension and tightness
The Immunator Stick– helps hydrate skin and support your body’s natural defenses

If any of these hashtags describe your MOM life… I have you covered!

#afullnightsleep, #whatisthat

#Didyoujustsneeze, #aintnobodygottomeforcolds

#Isthatabugbite #stopscratching

#Dinnerwiththegirls, #Needtofreshenup

#stopjumpingonthebed, #itoldyouyouweregoingtogethurt

#cueheadache, #whenisbedtime

#Yaybedtime, #sweetdreams

We have you covered and Mom prepared with Perfectly Posh!

#poshyourself today!