Turtle Bay Perfectly Posh Platinum Trip 2017

Perfectly Posh Platinum Trip 2017



What an amazing time with amazing leaders at the Posh Platinum Trip!  Not only did I get to celebrate my 40th Birthday in Hawaii but I  was so blessed to share this trip with my best friend and husband Josh.

Josh and I spent the week enjoying each others company and networking with other Perfectly Posh Platinums and their husbands.  Our annual Perfectly Posh Platinum Trip is always full of fun and a splash of meetings to help grow the best company together.

I would have never imagined that my Perfectly Posh business could do so much for me and my family.  This is a business I look forward to sharing this opportunity with everyone.   We all deserved to enjoy and celebrate our hard work!

Thank you Perfectly Posh for blessing my life in so many ways!  Cheers to another amazing year!   Happy 6th Birthday Perfectly Posh!




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Perfectly Posh is Turning 6 Years Old! Deals for you!

Happy Birthday Perfectly Posh!

October 1st, 2011 – October 1st 2017

What an amazing journey!   I have been blessed to be a part of this brand and this company for the full 6 years.  One of the best parts about our BIRTHDAY is you get the deals.   Today and until the End of the Month you can get all these deals and celebrate with us!

For starters whey you order any size order you get a FREE LIP BALM added to your order when you enter the promotion code:  SASSYATSIX before checking out!

NEXT… We want you to BUSY MORE and SAVE MORE with our End of Month Birthday Special!

Got Oily Skin?  Try adding these products to your routine, and save BIG!

This complete system is worth so much more!  The best part is the more you BUY, the more you SAVE.  Create your own system for your skin type and get the best deal of the year.

You can purchase any configuration of these 6 products- The more you buy the more you save!

Buy 1, Save $6

Buy 2, Save $6

Buy 3, Save $20 

Busy 4, Save $20 

Buy 5, Save $20 

Buy 6, Save $46 

You can combine multiples of the same items to reach your 6 or more.  Need two Bare it All wipes, 2 That’s so Cuke, and 2 Night and Day….. YOU CAN DO THAT and save $46.00 on your order.  Add the promo sassyatsix and you also get the FREE LIP BALM!

Happy BIRTHDAY POSH!!  We love the deals!

Here are the amazing products that are part of this deal…

First, remove your makeup with Bare It All Micellar Wipes. 


Then Cleanse your skin with That’s So Cuke Foaming Face Wash, featuring cucumber, mint, and aloe to help control excess shine.

Before bed, help balance your complexion with Call it a Night nighttime face oil. It has jojoba oil which actually helps calm oily skin.

Now when you BUY MORE you SAVE MORE on these products.  Love the Night and Day Moisturizer?   You got it!

Dawn on Me Face Oil…  Press a few drops into your skin or mix with your foundation.  This is so close to the fountain of youth in a bottle.  Amazing Sauce!

Last but not least..  Envy this face mask ! Try this Vegan based clay mask for a more youthful look. Featuring Neem Flower to help cleanse skin and soothe dryness.


Celebrate with us and take advantage of all these amazing deals.  Don’t forget these deals end at the end of September and make sure to add your FREE LIP BALM using the promotion code SASSYATSIX!

Thank you so much for being a part of my page and sharing my love of these amazing naturally based, bath and body products.

Happy Birthday Perfectly Posh!


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Final Customer Review of “Grow Away” Ingrown Hair Serum

The Final Grow Away Ingrown Hair Serum Results

Welcome Back Posh Yourself Friends-  Today is the day we follow-up with our last round of check-ins of our Grow Away Ingrown Hair Serum, customer review.

If you remember from last weeks review, we changed up the routine a little to see if we could improve on my customers results.  She was very impressed with the serum but did however get a new ingrown hair on the side she was using the serum.  So we added in the easy step of exfoliating before shaving, shaving and applying the serum after!

Well you have been waiting and here it is…

Steps the Customer followed….

  1. Showered, and scrubbed with the snarky bar under both arms.
  2. Shaved then followed up with the serum under both arms.   NOTE that on the second day, had the day after itch, and put the serum underneath my right arm to see if it would make a difference.

Customer Review during process

Here’s what I noticed, it doesn’t take away all of the ingrown hairs, but I do believe that it slows the process.  I definitely feel adding the snarky bar to the mix made a difference overall.  using the serum a second day under my right arm  took the itch away , and I feel made a little difference in the amount of new ingrown hairs that would have popped up.  I do struggle with ingrown hairs a lot, and they often get worse than what is pictured, hence why i have scars.  Overall, I’ve been satisfied with the product and how it has helped me.



Overall Feedback from the Review-

  1.  Would you recommend this product to someone else?

Customer- I would definitely recommend, especially because even though it doesn’t seem like a big difference from the pictures, I know there is a difference because of how bad my ingrown hairs have been.  And with the serum it’s not as bad.  I definitely like the calming smell and it’s easy!  Suer easy to use, just plop it on after your shave.  Also, it was fantastic with the after shave itch, no problems all day at work! 


2. Did you say the snarky bar exfoliation before made a difference?

Customer- I would say the snarky bar first then the serum is my favorite routine so far.  I do have the beach blanket scrub still, so I might try that next and let you know how it goes.  Thanks for the opportunity to test the product!  

Thank you Customer for your REVIEW!

Well, Posh Yourself followers, What do you think?  Maybe not a flawless clear up but I would have to say we had a success.  One thing to always remember is everyone is different, sometimes you need a little extra or you need to add something a little more like we did with the snarky bar.

I would say it was a success as the ingrown hairs were reduced, she was happy with the results and her day was more comfortable!   I’d say a $15.00 Win in my books.

What do you think?


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Part 2: Grow Away Ingrown Hair Serum Review

Time for the next update from our Grow Away Ingrown Hair Serum Review!   

“Hi! Third round and I’m still loving it!  I did manage to get one ingrown hair under my left arm but the serum has helped to reduce the redness and size a bit.  I feel the difference hasn’t been drastic where I completely am all clear but I do think it has helped reduce the amount of ingrown hairs I usually get.  And I will take that for a win!” Customer review

So in order to move forward with our review and help this customer find her best results we are switching it up a little.

Starting today and going forward we will have her

Step 1- Start Exfoliating with her Snarky bar which provides both turn over of dead cells and hydration. This will help ingrown hairs from forming in the first place.

Step 2 Follow with the Serum!  The lactic acid and cucumber water will continue to help soothe and banish the bumps going forward.

So for ROUND 3 we will change it up a little!   I am ready to see if we can’t get even better results with our next check in.

Stay Tuned…

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Grow Away Ingrown Hair Serum Review

It is that time of the year!!   The new catalog is here and nothing is better than getting someone else’s honest opinion on our products like the ingrown hair serum.   You can listen to me talk all day about the brand I love, or take a few minutes and hear it from someone willing to give you their review.

GROWN AWAY Ingrown Hair Serum

This review is provided by a local customer that loves Perfectly Posh and is willing to pamper themselves to tell you how it looks, works and feels.  The product was provided for FREE in exchange for a complete, honest review.

What is Grow Away?

For anyone that suffers from ingrown hairs you know that they don’t feel the best, don’t look the best, and are a booger to get rid of.   Today I want to introduce you to the Grow Away Ingrown Hair Serum for use anywhere you get ingrown hairs.  Male or Female you will love what this serum can do for your skin.

Let’s see those results!!

So  in order to help you see how amazing this product is and get an un bias opinion I asked on Facebook to see who suffers from ingrown hairs?  After reviewing and asking a few questions of the individuals I was able to narrow it down.   So for the next few weeks you will get the inside scoop of our New Grow Away Serum from someone not invested in Perfectly Posh!.

Here is the first check-in and impression of the serum so far.


Sept. 5th 2017

“Alright, first try of the serum down.  This round I did my left with the serum and my right without to be able to do a side by side comparison.  Overall, smell is soft and subtle.  I feel like it did make a difference.   I noticed I wasn’t itchy like normal under the left arm. My right arm definitely has more raised bumps after 4 days where the left there is not so much redness.   Also, no new ingrown hairs.  So far I would say its a success!  Starting round 2 today”  



Fast, Easy and Painless-

Yes, this serum contains lactic acid and cucumber water to help banish and soothe those bumps easily.  The toning willow bark with the pore-clearing tea tree essential oil makes this an amazing pick for all skin types.  As you can see from this review of just 4 days it has helped with the itchiness, irritation, redness and no new ingrown hairs.

To Be Continued…

I am excited to see what next weeks shows!   For $15.00, I feel this has done an amazing job already. What do you think?

No need to pull out those tweezers and go surgical on those ingrown hairs with our NEW Grow Away Ingrown Hair Serum.   Stay tuned for the continued review of this product next week.

If you suffer from ingrown hairs and would love to give it a try yourself you can visit www.poshyourself.info to purchase or click on this link  https://www.perfectlyposh.com/shaleenague/grow-away-ingrown-hair-serum 




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