About My Pampering Products

Below you'll find some helpful Descriptions about some of my product lines.  These helpful descriptions and my catalog will help you learn all about my products.

NEW- Posh To Meet You Trade your current soap, lip balm and hand creme,k and try Perfectly Posh. You can decide for yourself. We use natural butters, oils, and other gentle and anturally-based ingredients in our products with our fun brand.  Give us a try. You'll feel why good ingredients make a difference in your skin.  ONLY $19.00 ( The "IT" Girl BFYHC, Ra-Ra Raspberry Lip balm, Mint for Each other Chunk)

Calm Down Mask: Dry or irritated faces want to be fed with softening banana, caring calming oats, and lullaby-ish chamomille. Give sunned, sensitive, or flaky skin this tranquil treat.
SeaWitch Mask : Algae for the ageless and kelp for a deep down clean that battles, free-radical damage. The SeaWitch is a sea weed sensation that will leave your skin looking soft and ageless.
NEW Drop Dead Gorgeous Face Mask  Use on face 1-3 times weekly for up to 5 minutes to infuse this rare Dead Sea mineral complex into your skin. Aids in cell-regeneration and skin renewing to slow the signs of aging.
 NEW Impish De-Puffing Eye Serum -This potion offers cucumber extracts, caffeine, CO Q10, polypeptides, and more that will make your eyes look devilishly alert, tight, and sexy
The Vitamin C Fairy : There's a brightening magic wand for flawless, youthful skin. A unique and high-tech blend of vitamin C extracts and coenzymes including CoQ10 disenchant discoloration while gentle chamomile soothes.
Sweet Young Thing : There's an anti-aging magic wand for youthful, nourished skin. A sophisticated blend of CoQ10, natural cell-generating oils, and powerful peptides plump and fill fine lines and wrinkles.
Under Wonder:  It's a wonder under your make-up. Prime your pores and the skin on your face with our satin smooth Under Wonder.
 Rain Mask- Rose water, garden fruits and extracts love and plump skin with a rainfall of hydration at a cellular level. Love and nourish deep into skin and preserve health, moisture, and elasticity on the delicate skin of your face and neck.

Look Natural- Perfectly Posh Face-
Stark Naked Natural Face Wipes: Luxuriously natural. Removes dirt, grime, makeup and more. A healthy blend of fruit and her extracts that nourish and smooth skin with a natural cucumber fragrance.
BFF: Best Face Forever Wash: A nourishing formula with grapefruit and peppermint and millions of scrubbing, exfoliating microbeads. Gentle enough for daily use.
Delish- Nourishing and non-drying. Remove dirt, oils and dead skin with natural fruit extracts and gentle cleansers. NON-Exfoliating
Night and Day: You are the One Moisturizer: Moisturizer with Lavender. Natural olive oil is the nourishment you need to be at your best. Smooth over your clean face and neck morning and night.
Sweet Dreams- A natural, gentle, and hyper-hydrating, wrinkle resisting night creme for face and neck. Sleep sweetly and deeply knowing our gentle natural ingredients are loving on your skin all night long. Sweet Dreams!!
Don't Mind if I Dew Face Oil: A specially blended concentrate of natural oils designed to deliver a boost of intensive light-weight moisture. Smooths easily and absorbs quickly without clogging pores. Skin is soothed
with lavender and glistens.
NEW So Over it Make-Up Remover - Cleanse your face gently and remove make-up when you're over it with this light, oil-free blend. Smooth over face with a cotton pad or ball for a natural break up with make-up
 NEW Shine Bright Like a Diamond Microderm Scrub  Diamond powder aggressively exfoliates to reveal young, healthy skin and to help prevent fine lines.
NEW I've Been Set up! Setting and Refreshing Mist  Set make-up, and refresh skin with a spritz of this bionutrient-loaded mist. Spritz over face and neck as needed. A chocolate peppermint hydrosol with nourishing extracts.
My Hero: You need a hero to protect and defend your skin from the sun's damage. Never fear, Look Natural is here with exactly what you need. Block harmful rays naturally without harsh chemicals and protect your face all day long. Apply Daily for best defense.

It's a Posh Life... Spoil Yourself 
Give us an inch, we'll take a mile. For some of us, there are no limits to pampering. For us: the Spoiled, We have a Posh life. 
Perfectly posh introduces four new over-the-top luxurious pampering products that belong in the boudoir of the most pampered of us all.

 Each Posh life product features a plush procurement of lemon and raspberry extracts to give it a light, clean, and delectable spoiled fragrance that adds to the opulence of the product experience. 
Posh Life Coconut Oil - Life is a Joy; Cover yourself in it. Skin, hair, face.. anywhere your skin needs spoiled posh nutrition and hydration. 
Posh Life Shave Creme  Get a kick out smooth, silky skin every time you shave. Life is a Kick. Dance to it. 
Posh Life Body Wash  Gently cleanse your skin from head-to-toe with a nutrient -rich and sulfate-free coconut oil-based body wash. Life is a Fairytale. Wash away in it. 
Posh Life Body Powder - Smooth and Scent your skin with our decadent finishing powder. Sprinkle it anywhere you might perspire. Smooth, and absorbent. Life is a Breeze, Dust yourself in it. 

The Detox Body Mud {Stripper}:
The Stripper uses mud and clay to pull the free-radicals you encounter daily from your skin to get a Pure Clean.
Take it all off when you smooth this creamy vanilla mud all over. Top to bottom and back again, let this detoxifying blend help you expel harmful pollution and keep youthful, healthy skin.

The Saint: Moisture Mask:
Loaded with honey and avocado. The Saint is a heavenly deliverance that dry and tired skin needs. Use to moisturize face or other dry skin. A heaven-scent wash-off mask.

My Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme:
Take special care of your hands with our highly-portable hand formulation. Our BFY Hand Creme features apricot kernel oil. Known for it's gentle nature on skin, it also contains high levels of Vitamins A and E. It easily penetrates the driest skin without feeling greasy to care for busy, hard-working hands.
Fragrances ( Sassyooma, Hottie Patottie, Shameless Flirt, Down with Dirty, NEW Berrly Behaving, lil snarky)
NEW- the "IT" Girl (Grapefruit and Apricot with lily touch) 

The Cuticle Cutie: Just rub and love. Zesty lemon is just what you need to nourish nails and cuticles, while you protect with beeswax and soften with butters and oils. She might also be the Cutie you call for rough elbows, knees and more

Big, fat luxury to get both hands around. Chunk Bath Bars are a fragrant, lathering sanctuary for your skin.  Creamy butters and moisturizing ingredients combine with rare and intricate fragrances. (choices: Gender Bender, Cozy Coma, Good Morning, Beautiful, Honey Dip, Treat Yourself, Haute Stuff, Mint for Each other)
New for Fall/Winter 
Honey Dip- Pharmaceutical-grade, New Zealand-imported Manuka honey that heals, Creamy Sweet honey fragrance.
Treat Yourself - Tonka bean and glycerin crafted with shea butter in a delightfully sweet clean experience
Haute Stuff!! - A mega-loaded shea butter bar with trend-setting runway fragrance. Your skin will look Haute!!
Mint for Each Other - Truly and utterly in love with a peppermint and rosemary leaf wash. darling, your're Mint for Each Other.

Snarky Bars- Shea Loaded Scrub Bar 
Brazilian Bombshell Snarky Bar- A fabulously fragrant and aggressive scrubbing bar featuring finely ground walnut shell naturally and aggressively removes dead, dry, and tired skin while coating and moisturizing with gentle shea butter. Jungle fruits, and sugar cane
Snarky Bar- Snarky beads scrub off dead, dry skin in a luxurious- smelling shea butter soap base. Remove stubborn, unsmooth spots on your skin. Bergamot, mandarin, freesia, lily, and soft sandalwood.

Specialty Scrubs for your body:
Skin loves to be scrubbed.  Keep your arms, legs, torso, and more looking healthy, fresh and young when you use our gentle, natural scrubs. Remove dead, dry upper layers and lavish love all over you.

A Peel to Me = Citrus zest for bright, deep-clean and clearing      

The Tree Hugger = Coconut and strawberry, breakdown dead layers while detoxifying essential oils feed.

Daily Grind = Helps limit the breakdown of skin structure to aid in the prevention of cellulite while preserving beautiful surface skin.

 NEW Mint For Each Other Body Scrub- Fall in love with this luxurious peppermint and rosemary leaf scrub

NEW Drop Dead Gorgeous  It's a mineral mixture thousands of years in the making. A unique compound only found half-way around the globe. get an exclusive super-nutrient treatment in our new scrub or face mud. Deep-cleaning and mineral-infusing to keep you looking fresh, youthful, and Drop Dead Gorgeous. Featuring lemongrass essential oil

Sweet Sugar Goodness!
Sugar Fix:
Sugar Fix is great for in the shower or before you jump in. This sweet sugar, honey, and almond body scrub will brighten, sweeten, and make your skin glow. Great for all over exfoliation to reveal soft, sweet skin. It's candy every BODY wants and it's non-greasy.
Brown Sugar Baby: Seriously sweet scrubbing. You'll go ga-ga for the stickiest, sugar- loaded scrub you've ever seen. Moisture-rich. Great for arms, legs or your whole body.

Hot Pepper Sha-Bang Butter : When you don't have time to do a scrub, touch up tired muscles with our hot pepper added to skin loving cocoa butter. Massage generously deep down, Amplify the effect by applying a warm towel or low-heat electric pad. Pamper those tired aching muscles.

Scrumptious Body Butter in out SKINDELICIOUS- The most nourishing ingredients on earth are gently blended into our rich Skindelicious Body Butters. Have a daily binge. Your skin is hungry for it.

Dragon Mojo
Mixed Berry Jam
Fresh, Creamy Milk
Brazilian  Bombshell
Creamy Coconut Cocktail
Scrumptious Sunshine
Olive You!
Mango Marshmallow

Skin Sticks:
Our Most Popular Pampering
 Healer: When only the purest pampering will do, mend your skin with Mother Nature’s most proven gift: 100% highly-refined pure shea butter with just a touch of vanilla and orange essential oils to infuse a celestial fragrance.
The Purifier:The natural cleansing and soothing effects of tea tree and eucalyptus bring a new level of purified pampering to the Posh Skin Sicks
The Caffeinator: Shock tired eyes and face into place with daily use. This nourishing formulation is perfect for perking up skin during long days or after a short night's sleep.
Sleepy Sleep Stick: Looking to lull off to sleepy land? This gentle sea butter stick is blended with hightest-grade lavender essential oils. Perfet to help you slip off to sleep, or just put your feet up and relax. Simply smooth over skin and exhale slowly.
The Wakey-Wakey Stick: Eye-Popping Perk : Take eye-popping charge of your life. Get up and get going with a unique and electrifying blend of high grade essential oils including peppermint and black pepper. Great for energy, tension, and headache relief.
The GLAM Girl: Mega Shine : Who's gonna shine? You are! A light shea butter base holds intense shimmer and sparkle. Add to your face, arms, neck, chest and more to really show off your Glam! No color or fragrance added.

LipShot Balm:
Generously smooth it all over to protect against harmful ultraviolet rays and brutal breezes. Blast with moisturizing shea butter and almond oil over and over again all day long.
Luxe For Life Lip Balm
Utter Snobbery Lip Balm
Zipsy Lip Balm
Scrumptious Sunshine Lip balm
Make-Out Magic Lip Balm
Carmel Cray Cray Lip balm
Ra-Ra Raspberry Lip Balm

NEW Your Lips are a Big Deal!!
Smoocheroo Mega Lip Plumper  Go BIG, This Big stick loves on lips with a blast of menthol to naturally stimulate circulation for a plumper pucker. It had to be big to hold shea butter, argan oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, aloe and much more. Intense moisture for superbly soft lips.
All You Need is Love A big stick of moisturizing lip love. It's a natural blend of butters and oils that feed and care for lips. It's a whole lotta lovin' for lips

Super Fabulous Sugar Lip Scrubs
Show your tired lips some sweet lovin'. Sugar exfoliates and rich butters moisturize the most tuckered pucker. Rub it on, smooth it over your lips and leave it on to enrich.
Available in: Oh, Peaches. Make-Out Magic, Tree Hugger, Zipsy Sugar Lip Scrub

Pamper those Tootsies 
Play Footsie:
Your feet deserve to be spoiled. An explosive, invigorating blast of pampering peppermint and thyme will soak, scrub, and soothe away the abuse that you’re crazy life and not-so-sensible shoes are putting your feet through.
Get your feet pampered with the whole line of great products:
Fabulous Fizzies
Pink Putty: Hydrating Foot Mask
Rubby Scrubby
Soothing Stick
Twinkle Toes: Toe Oil
NEW Schwanky & Soft Exfoliating Creme

 New Stare at my Hair!
Tea Tree and Neem Hair and Scalp Mask
Tea Tree and Neem offer a unique combination of deep clean, enrichment, and moisturizing properties to both hair and scalp. Tea tree oil loves and cleans your hair with spectacular tingle to keep skin and scalp conditioned. Pair it with rare Asian neem oil to stimulate circulation to soothe the scalp. RESTORE Shine and softness while strengthening your hair's cuticle. Naturally loaded with antiseptic properties.
Argan Oil Anti-Frizz
A Moroccan magic! Argan oil is known for it's vitamin-rich nourishment as it tames frizz and adds shine without weighing your hair down. A light but powerful creme- apply a little to your damp or dry hair and take control.
 Boom bar Solid Shampoo- Naturally deep clean and lift hair with boosting sugars and salts in our new BOOM Bar. Safe for daily use or save it for a deep clean and leave lather on 5-10 minutes for BOOM of Volume in your tresses.
NEW It's Deep Hair Conditioner  Deeply nourish your hair with a hair conditioner of sunflower seed oil and shea butter. Prevent tangles and add healthy moisture.
NEW Tousled Sea Salty Hair Spritz  Get a beachy, tousled feel to your lovely locks with this sea salt hair spritz. Just spray, scrunch, and shake to style

All MIXD UP: Your fix is in the Mix
Make your mood when you get all Mixd up with Posh.  It's so Simple, and it's all yours. Combine any fragrance (s) and effect (s) to create the perfect soaking, steaming, and scented time for YOU.
All Mixd up features 12 fabulous fragrances and effects that will give you countless combinations. Enjoy your pampering time on your terms. Get All Mixd up. Then, mix up a new mood for next time.
CHOOSE Any 6 for just $20  all mixd Up is a line of thirty remarkable mix-and match bath embellishments that you can use alone, combine, or concoct with. Make the mixture that's just right for your mood RIGHT NOW, then create another for tomorrow. 



Mix and Match as you please for your favorite : Soak, Scrub or Steam treatment!
Time to design your own experience!!
Pamperology.. Honey and Annatto.. 
Fresh Trend.
The science and study of a fresh face. Designed and made for you, by you.
Honey.. Soothing and moisturizing for a healthy glow
Annatto Seed: Rich in vitamins to preserve youthful skin.

Hot it Works...
1. Choose your recipe
2. Mix Mask & Fresh Ingredients
3. Apply to face and nourish
4. Rinse, store excess in fridge.

Pretty Posh 
A Pretty Fun Line.  We know women of all ages deserve to be pampered, so we bring you Pretty by Perfectly posh: A youthful, bright, and sparkling product line for the youthful and young-at-heart. 

Get a naturally clean and Fresh look for your face with our unique line. Wash, moisturize and prevent those pesky blemishes. Use every day on your Pretty face. 

Complexion Perfection-Use Daily to wash and clean face and neck. 
Moisturize 911 Caffeinated Face Creme- Apply generously to face and neck one to two times daily on clean fresh washed skin.
NEWSpotless- Exfoliate your skin (with salicylic acid) without abrasives to help prevent clogged pores and the pimples and blackheads that can result from them 
ZitZapper - Apply twice daily AS NEEDED to active blemishes and known problem spots to help heal, remove dead skin clells, and regenerate healthy new ones, lightening fast. 
Pretty Lips 
You choose your Pretty look. Layer our lips with color from fun flavored Lip Dyes to get a pretty matte tine. Get a pop or gloss and shine when you add Clearly, I Sparkle on top 

Lip Dye: Retro Red- Retro's in and so are you with this strawberry lemonade lip dye
Lip Dye: Dark Darling Dare to be very, berry, and sweetly dark. 
Lip Dye: Catty Coral Edgy catty coral in all rage. Rock it, sweetie!
Lip Dye: Posh Pink It's Posh, baby. Melon-delish and perfectly pink 

Clearly, I Sparkly Gloss - Nourish lips while adding sparkle. Naturally plumps with a high-gloss, crystal-clear lip shine. Add gloss and plump to your naturally pretty pucker, or shine up your Lip Dye 
Pretty Fragrance
Acute and delicious scents to pretty your day. use our big, solid perfume and frost with rich candy scent. Use one alone or mix and mingle for a sweet. sassy combination

Acute Fruiteaze Intense Solid Perfume - Cover yourself in a sweet candied-fruity fragrance. use with Pretty Body Frosting to give it a twist. 
Acute Candy Trance Fragrant Body Frosting Scent your skin with candy-blased hyper-sweet fragrance and hydrating coconut oil. Use alone or combine with Solid Perfume 

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