Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.  How much does it cost to become a Posh consultant?

 A Perfectly Posh starter kit costs $99+ tax and Shipping.  It contains everything you need to get started as a Perfectly Posh consultant, including a variety of full size products that you can choose to either sell or try and use as testers. Our Starter kit is designed to fit your goals.  With 3 steps you can launch, enjoy or share the Posh experience.   

Perfectly Posh offers  a no cost website for you to collect your orders and run your business.  Your only additional cost to start is your ProPay account.  ProPay is a third party vendor used by Perfectly Posh to issue you your commissions and bonuses. Because they are an outside service, you will need to set up an account with ProPay that is tied to your Virtual office. The $7.95 is an annual cost and renews yearly at the date of enrollment.

Of course, there are other resources that you will also receive access to, including: the Resource and Training tab (resource hub), our Posh Academy (learning hub)  

the Posh Portal (for supplies), and your Virtual Office, which is updated daily.

Q. What comes in the Perfectly Posh Starter Kit?

Your Starter Kit Helps You be Successful in 3 Easy Steps.


Step 1 Pamper Yourself–  Pampering Me bag is Pampering for you!  These are our best sellers and foundational Posh products.  USE THEM.

For you Bag

– The Healer

– A Chunk Big Bath Bar

– A Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème

– Monthly Theme Product

– The Ritual- exclusive consultant mask


Step 2 Share the Experience–  For Sharing Bag!!  Sampling will always be an important part of your business.  In your starter kit there will be a variety of samples to start off with.  You will also have the chance to claim more for ½ price in the portal during your first 60 days.

For Sharing Bag

-Variety of product samples, 20 pcs

– 1 Vial sample card

Step 3 Let Posh Work- For your business bag! These products are always worth at least what you paid for your Starter kit. Additionally, they’re products that are easy to demonstrate, share and sample from your very own launch party.

For Your Business Bag

  • 2 Skin Sticks
  • BFF Face Wash
  • A Big Gat Yummy Hand Crème
  • A Chunk Big Bar Bath Bar
  • Snarky Bar or Mask
  • Scrub or Body Butter
  • Single Fizi Bath Bomb


Included Tools-

5 Pink Ink Core Catalogs

Join Booklet

Welcome letter/Get Started

Pricing at a Glance

Join Cards

About Posh Brochure

Polka- Dotted Consultant Guide

Protégé Pin


*Other Free and Discounted Tools available in your Portal Tab to be redeem in your first 60 days.


Q. What are the minimum monthly sales requirements to be a Posh consultant?

There are NO minimum monthly requirements. Instead, there are requirements based on a six-month cycle. To remain an active Posh consultant, you need to sell a TOTAL of $300 in each 6-month period: January-June and July- December. This $300 is cumulative throughout the 6-month cycle; and the $300 requirement does not apply to the period in which you enroll.

Q.Where are the Perfectly Posh products made?

We are PROUD to say that our products are all made in the USA. We have an FDA regulated lab in California (where the safety requirements are very stringent) that formulates and manufactures all of our products except our {CHUNK} soaps. Our {CHUNKS} are milled at a special mill in Pennsylvania.

Q. How much can/will I make as a Perfectly Posh consultant?

Your opportunity to generate income with Perfectly Posh is limited only by your efforts. If you choose to be a Posh consultant as a hobby or for social reasons, you can make a little extra money each month. However, if you choose to take Posh and work it like a business, it can pay you well over a six-figure income.

Q. Am I required to purchase lots of supplies from Posh?

No, you are not required to purchase any supplies from Posh. There are a variety of business tools in your Starter Kit. However, the beauty of Posh is that you get to choose how to run your business. The image used in these tools are available online and, if you only need a few, you can print copies. You always have the option to print your own tools or you can choose to purchase the commercial quality tools Posh provides. This way you get to balance your time and your money for to make your business work for you.

Q. How will I be supported and trained as a Posh consultant?

Perfectly Posh has established a comprehensive training program to support and educate new consultants called the Posh Academy

As a member of the Posh Crew team, you will have the opportunity to learn from our many different trainings, and activities on our team page.

As Shaleen’s personal recruit, you will have access to weekly one-on-one help and support you through every phase of your Posh journey and business growth. It begins with the Posh Prep Academy. Upon completion of this course, you unlock access to other levels of training within the Posh Learning Module System (LMS). There is a “Here to Premier” training that trains and prepares you to take on a Leadership role as you build a profitable team. Following that, there are a series of Leadership Academies where very specific topics are addressed to help you be an effective leader and to teach you SMART business skills.

To be included in all team trainings, we host topic-specific training calls frequently. Discussion is live and active on the Posh Crew team Facebook page. Questions on this page leverage all of our team member’s expertise and often spark online trainings. one mentoring calls if you so choose. Calls can be scheduled as frequently as desired and topics are often chosen at the consultant’s discretion.

As a Posh Crew Team member you will also be included in live (in-person) trainings on a regular basis. The frequency of these live trainings will depend on your home geographic location.

Q. How will Posh keep me up to date?

The Posh Newsroom in our Virtual Office is updated daily with current announcements and promotions by the corporate office team. Shaleen Ague will also post weekly home-office announcements (on Tuesdays) as received from the home office executive team.

The Posh Training and Resources is also a great resource for current information.

Q. Where will I be able to get information about the Posh products?

At Perfectly Posh we have access to incredible information resources. So many, perhaps, that some might get overwhelmed. But product ingredient training is something that we are committed to. At Perfectly Posh we only use the BEST ingredients. The Prod Squad make it a point to share the specifics of WHY certain ingredients are chosen.

Q. How will I get paid?

Posh pays commissions every Wednesday for the previous week number through Posh pay (propay). Bonuses are paid monthly on the 10th for the previous month.

Q. Where can I learn more?

You can learn more at

Q. How old do you have to be to be a Posh consultant?

You can enroll as a Posh consultant at the age of 16 with a parent as a co-signer.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]